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The Recycled Island Foundation makes proposals how to deal with plastic pollution and climate change.

From our Rotterdam office we work on the prevention, awareness, education, retrieval en re-use of marine litter. Our key project is currently Recycled Park.

Recycled park is the proposal to retrieve plastic waste from the rivers and harbours  just before it reaches the Sea or Ocean. The plastics are recycled to give new value to the river. From the plastics we construct floating platforms  for a new green environment; a floating park.

Recycled Park is currently under realization in Rotterdam. After this successful implementation we want to introduce this approach in more rivers and harbours worldwide.

More information on Recycled Park:


Our main actions:

1. Awareness

Sharing information on plastic litter and its consequences.

2. Prevention

        Preventing further growth of plastic litter by awareness, retrieval and education.

3. Education

        Giving workshop, presentation, guided tours and clean up sessions for schools, universities, companies and governmental institutions.

4. Retrieval

       Implementation of passive litter traps in rivers and harbours. Organizing river clean up with volunteers and companies.

5. Re-use

       The retrieved litter is effectively re-used or re-cycled to create new value.


The Recycled Island Foundation is founded by Ramon Knoester in 2014. Currently the foundation has a board of four members and a wide variety of volunteers.

Photo: Board members Recycled Island Foundation; Kristi Beugeling, Nienke Binnendijk, Ramon Knoester and Helly Scholten


The Recycled Island Foundation is depending on sponsoring and donations.

The Recycled Island Foundation has the ANBI status "Public Benefit Organisation" (Dutch: Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling, ANBI). Natural and legal persons making donations to a PBO may deduct their gifts from their Dutch income tax or corporate income tax.

Donations can be made to the:Recycled Island Foundation

IBAN: NL36 RABO 0192 3440 05


Or via Paypal:

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