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Plastic pollution in our Oceans.

In the Pacific Ocean a huge amount of plastic waste is discovered. The ocean has become our biggest dump. Because of the circular currents, these plastics will never reach land and will stay in the ocean forever.

The biggest concentration of plastic waste is at this moment found in the Pacific Ocean, carrying trash from Canada, the U.S.A, Japan, Indonesia, etc.. But these circular currents also take place in the Indian Ocean and in the Atlantic Oceans bringing a similar concentration of waste in it’s centres.   


The plastic is fatal to a large part of our sea life. To start with the Albatross, these birds see the floating plastic as food and fill there stomach with it. Of course the plastic is not digested and while the plastic fills the stomach of these birds, it takes away there hunger to eat. The birds die with a body full of plastic.

When the plastic stays in the ocean long enough some plastics break into smaller pieces, that will also be eaten by fish. This way the plastic also gets into the human digestive system, because we eat these fish.

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