About Us

Recycled Island Foundation is a non-profit organization acting to stop plastic pollution directly.


From our locations in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and Bern (Switzerland), we work on the prevention, awareness, education, retrieval and reuse of marine litter.


More than 80% of floating plastic in seas and oceans comes from land sources. We are working on an international approach to make rivers, harbors, seas and oceans clean from plastic pollution. Our approach is a combination of the retrieval of floating plastic in rivers with Litter Traps and cleanups, creating circular products and educating people.


To be fully sustainable, we recycle and reuse the plastic collected with our cleanups and Litter Traps. The plastic is used to build durable products such as Litter Traps, floating parks, furniture and building materials. The Litter Traps collect floating plastic from rivers before it enters seas. The floating parks stimulate ecosystems in harbors with the added vegetation. With our educational program, we stimulate to reduce the use of single-use plastics and raise awareness about plastic pollution.

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