Fish plastic out of your river

Our Approach

80% of the plastic in the ocean flows in through our rivers.

So, why don't we focus on rivers instead of the ocean?

Recycled Island Foundation stops the plastics before it reaches the ocean. 

Plastic-free rivers save our oceans.

Litter Traps into the water


of plastic retrieved and recycled


clean ups organized


of Recycled Park



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People are ready to act against plastic pollution, and you?

Sandakan, Borneo

"Pollution of air from annual agricultural burning, waterways contaminated with chemicals and rubbish because a population that is discovering single-use plastic as a convenient lifestyle, is actually silently suffocating Borneo's natural environment we so depend on. We wish to reach out to friends and fellow plastics pollution crusaders all around the world, to support us in finding technical and funding solutions to transforming our plastic waste into useful products, here on the island of Borneo."

Anton Ngui, Future Alam Borneo


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